Little Trading Book Series

Little Trading Book Series are basic tutorials of trading and investing in the FX markets and the stock market. It contains technical analysis, fundamental analysis and Money Management parts.

Tutorials put you on a right track of trading and investing by parts of basic indicators, Money Management and the porfolio theory. Some traders misunderstand the basic indicators. Hence, They don't beleive on them and trading with their indirected ideas. Then, they could be lost their money.

We follow the main stream of trading and investment.

The FX Markets | S&P 500 | Money Management | How to use information from site | Chart Patterns | Correlations | Volatility | Trading Hours | ATR indicator | Inflexion point | Theory of Elliott Waves. | Zero Wave. | Responsible Gambling guidelines. | Lag Property of pairs. | Behavior of currency pairs. | Trend line. | Trend lines as support and resistant lines. | Play Pivot, support, and resistant | Candlesticks. | Relaxing. | Stock market. | Create your own system. | Strategies. | Some theories of market timing.

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