Inflexion point

Market basically trends into a range, then either reverses or continue with the trend. Inflexion point are those areas that market either reverses or continue with the trend. Those points are where long term players come in with responsive action if they see value ( thereby reversing the trend) or initiative action to the next point. When two opposing long term players act at certain see a range for some days or even weeks.

Above describes the market operation. Since Retail traders don't initiate a trend ( they basically provide liquidity for the flow), it is important to focus ones mind where these long term actors operate. They basically don't operate in any timeframe lower than daily! "

How to recognize inflexion point?

We could use SMA indicators to recognize inflexion point. (I get a example in 5m-Time Frame - TF, The Lager TFs do the same but I don't recommend use in short TF because of randomness.)
The inflexion point is where SMAs are seperating.

I only gave the example with some SMAs. It doesn't matter How many SMA's you intend to use. If some get together SMAs like a straight line, all SMAs will get together like straight line too, and the market'll move up/down While they are seperating.

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